V3540 was part of a batch of 500 aircraft built by de Havilland, Hatfield and delivered between July 1940 and May 1941. V3388 which has been restored and is now on display at Duxford was part of the same batch of aircraft.

Originally, for visibility reasons, yellow was adopted as the colour for all training aircraft in July 1936, but in 1938, when war was looming, it was decided to paint the upper half in camouflage to reduce visibility on the ground to any potential Luftwaffe attacks. In early November 1940, the camouflage was changed from being mid-fuselage to extending down to the base of the fuselage. In the book, “Missing Believed Killed”. It states that V3540 was delivered to No.45 maintenance Unit, RAF Kinloss on 2nd November 1940. This was primarily a holding unit but records show no work was carried out. This Oxford was the version without the dorsal turret and camouflage extending down to the bottom of the fuselage (although it slightly predates the 7th November instruction).